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Duggan International Group is one of Canada's foremost full service business development practices and global marketing consultancies. The company works with private and public industries, other government organizations, associations and NGO's in project development and implementation.  Duggan International Group has a proven track record of meeting strict timelines and demonstrated ability to deliver results in a dynamic environment with frequently changing priorities, timelines and other situations. 

Our Services

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Export Mentoring
  • Research Reports, Surveys and Analysis
  • Commercialization Mentoring
  • Meeting Coordination and Facilitation
  • Matchmaking and Lead Generation
  • Economic Development Solutions
  • Sales Strategy Implementation
  • International Trade Consulting
  • Communications Development and Implementation
  • Project Management

Duggan International Group works with all companies large or small in commercialization mentoring, operational plan development and strategies both domestically and internationally. Companies who fail to plan, plan to fail. Research shows that profitable firms have a business plan, follow it, and constantly update it as their operational road map. Lenders also like to know how their investment will be implemented and when they can expect to see a return on their investment.

Knowing it and doing it are two seperate issues for most companies. Having the resources to implement sales and marketing activities are key obstacles in operating a successful business. Duggan International Group will be an extension of your firm in markets and areas where we can bring our expertise to ensure your growth. For corporate businesses that want to expand their operations nationally and globally, our leading edge marketing strategies provides comprehensive and practical activities that are achievable within the client's scope of capabilities.We can help take the client from an idea on paper to the marketplace.

Companies who invest in their staff have higher production and employee satisfaction. Duggan International is available for group seminars, conferences and one-on-one training in exporting, sales, marketing, tourism operations, how to work with investors.


 Industry Wide Specializations

We care about your company, your brand and want your organization to succeed 

What's New

Do you want to open an office in Canada? Or meet with Canadian Suppliers?

Call us and we can arrange appointments with industry and government, and arrange site visits.   Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade Conference in Toronto October 2016.  Details coming soon.  Contact us if you are interested in attending.

 Crowd-Swag.com  Now Live

Custom merchandise thru crowd purchasing, no risk or upfront costs. Great for fundraising for special events, groups, associations, bands or just for fun.  www.crowd-swag.com  Start your Campaign or open your Own Store.  Follow us on Social Media too!

Mobile and Video Game Developer Training

We are working with Co-Spark of Seattle, USA to deliver strategic pre-accelerator and accelerator engagment to digital entertainment companies.

New Partnerships for 2016

Duggan International Group is happy to announce its partnership with Valians International in Poland to promote international trade opportunities for companies between Canada and Poland as well as other Eastern European countries.   We also have a new partnership in the Dominican Republic and Vietnmam for 2016.   We continue to work with our colleagues in the UK,  the Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden,  USA,  Mexico, Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Granada, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil. 


Company Completes New Study on Doing Business in Singapore

Working with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency,  we completed a guide for businesses planning to develop their market entrance strategy into Southeast Asia.  

Busy 2015 - 16

We organized logistics & created lead generation for business development and multi sector trade missions from the Netherlands to Toronto; Aberdeen, Scotland to Halifax,  PEI to Toronto,  and Nova Scotia to Ecuador.  This year we helped producers at the Canadian Produce Association Conference in Alberta.   WE NOW HAVE A SATELLITE OFFICE IN TORONTO.

Why Choose Us ?

Duggan International Group

We Provide Leading Edge Skills and an External Perspective to Increase Revenue

Running a service business, we are aware of which business sectors to target that have the most potential for growth and sustainability.  We have a valuable insight into the companies, their challenges, failures and most importantly - success.  Business culture differs from country to country and so should how you sell your product or service.  Companies need to devise a market entry strategy to become successful and find the right distributor, purchaser, local agent and  joint-venture partner For these companies to thrive, we research the state of Canada and international markets.  If you are uncomfortable making cold calls to sell your products or services,  we will make the introductions. We also compile who the government stakeholders are that influence the sector and operate within the sector.  We work with companies, government departments and associations, education institutions in various sectors including ICT, interactive gaming, oil & gas, ocean technologies, advanced manufacturing, professional services, horticulture, seafood & other food products, consumer products, wood products, engineering,  minerals & mining, education, and tourism & culture. 

Duggan International Group has been a member of the Centre for Women in Business, Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick,  Atlantic Food and Beverage Processors Association, Maritimes Energy Association /OTANS (Offshore/Onshore Technologies Association of Nova Scotia), Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, Inventors Society of Nova Scotia, Music Nova Scotia, Digital Nova Scotia and the Trade and Investment Services Alliance Network Ontario.

  • Jon Kimmich - USA - Mobile and Interactive Games Specialist
  • David Millar - USA - Environment and Clean Tech
  • Neil McIntosh - UK - Oil and Gas and Ocean Tech
  • Marion Dougan - Scotland and Italy
  • Gerald Baal - France, the Netherlands, Spain, Columbia
  • Callette Terhaerdt - Scandinavian Countries
  • CÚdric Fromont - Poland and Eastern Europe
  • Liana Licia Neuss - Brazil
  • Nigel John - Grenada, Aruba
  • Natalie Johnson - Jamaica
  • Michelle Hustler - Barbados
  • Natalie Alicia Dookie - Trinidad and Tobago
  • Agnes Cishek - Dominican Republic
  • Laura Vargas - Mexico
  • Elizabeth Moody-McIninch - Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Resources also available in Cuba and Ecuador

Duggan International can work with tourism sites and hotel properties to evaluate visitor experiences and create new programs for the client incorporating the community and other businesses. We mystery shop frontline staff customer service, physical site operations and services. We will prepare a report of our findings to management. We help PMO, DMOs and other organizations coordinate and develop experiential tourism strategies and conduct best practices missions. We can also train foreign markets to Canadian and USA cultural standards, develop and implement a marketing plan targeting North American visitors. We research best practices of tourism sectors and communicate and assist properties with innovation transfer of adaptable service and product offerings. We work with all levels of governments and private sectors to prepare economic development reports, research, strategic plans and activities, branding and communications.

Authorized Explorer Quotient Trainer by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) Explorer Quotient Authorized Trainers or EQATs provide customized support to help you get the most out of EQ in your business. There are free tools available online, however, EQATs have received in-depth training and are ready to provide customized advice to apply EQ in your business and to help train your staff.

Commission Sales

From our office we will activetly contact clients on your behalf and market your products or services. We work with international importers into Canada as well as local companies expanding domestically. We will participate and travel to new markets to meet with potential buyers, participate in trade shows and trade missions as marketing and sales representatives for your company.

 Trade Events

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